Studiometry 10.0.2

Comprehensive professional project management tool

Project management is something I'm sure every manager would appreciate a helping hand with which is the aim of Studiometry - a project management system that enables you to handle your working projects. View full description


  • Comprehensive project management
  • Makes tracking billing much easier
  • Useful tutorials
  • Over 100 new features added in latest version


  • Interface overwhelming at first
  • Tax features suitable only for North American users

Very good

Project management is something I'm sure every manager would appreciate a helping hand with which is the aim of Studiometry - a project management system that enables you to handle your working projects.

Studiometry is suitable either for freelancers or those within a working team. The initial interface is a little overwhelming at first but fortunately there are some handy tutorials in the Help Menu. Once you learn the basics of the program, you may start creating new projects, adding customers and customizing it to your needs. To kick things off, there's also a sample project so that you can get to grips with Studiometry first.

The amount of options and customization possible in Studiometry is extremely comprehensive. Studiometry can store information about clients, contacts, projects, to do lists, payments, timers, invoices, reports, employees and more. It also features networking options, multiple currencies (with exchange rates automatically updating), project and client statuses and more.

There's no doubt that Studiometry is generally aimed at a North American audience - especially when it comes to tax features - so European users may find it a bit limiting. The latest version of Studiometry has been updated with more than a 100 new features though that users on both sides of the Atlantic can enjoy. These include the ability to archive old projects, the invoice tracker is now integrated into the main window and a new Payment Receipts feature lets you print or email a receipt to send to your clients.

Overall, Studiometry is an immensely powerful tool for both freelancers and project managers that is sure to make tracking billing and managing projects considerably easier.


  • * Can now manually order items for Reports with custom item sets
  • * Can now filter the Add Blueprint window with a search string
  • * Will now show a category breakdown of estimated compared to actual hours and amounts in the summary screen for projects with itemized estimates
  • * Can specify items as events in To Do suites
  • * Improved interface in To Do suite editing window
  • * Can now tab past the Extra Info field in the enter timesheet window
  • * Can now filter by item mode in view timesheet window
  • * Auto updating project statuses will now account for multi-project invoices that are associated with the project
  • * Selecting Manually Enter Hours will now prevent a new timer from starting when changing the timer type in the Debt/Credit editing window
  • * Will now better format the ID numbers for invoices when producing code based templates
  • * Will now cache the number of incomplete to dos for projects to allow for better performance on setups that have very large numbers of To Dos
  • * Now allows shorter time formats for custom times such as 1P or 1PM
  • * New Billing Settings option to enable or disable the surplus payment notifications and automatic addition to new invoices
  • * Will now ask for confirmation before adding surplus payments to a newly created invoice
  • * Will now ask for confirmation when attempting to delete payments in the payment tracker window and the invoices payments list
  • * Fixed order of priority in To Do suite priority list
  • * Checking a To Do as complete when it isn't selected will no longer scroll to the top of the list
  • * Will now correctly update the iCal syncing bar when the sync is complete
  • * Fixed display issue with extra box appearing in custom summary window
  • * Fixed typo in Debt/Credit category editing window's Notes tab
  • * Improved efficiency when saving or modifying watch lists
  • * Fixed an issue where hourly blueprints would not immediately calculate their total amount when created with a customized amount of hours
  • * Updated links throughout the program to direct to our new Knowledge Base
  • * Will now alert when the iCal calendar cannot be accessed when an attempt is made to sync with iCal
  • * Fixed an issue where flat-rate invoice adjustments would calculate as percentages
  • * Will now correctly put default rates into the Create Estimate wizard window when selecting hourly types
  • * Pasting in an hourly rate while editing a work item will now correctly calculate the total amount when saving or moving away from the field
  • * New To Do toolbar icon and menu option now takes selected item into account
  • * Fixed an issue with using special characters in Report template fields
  • * Fixed an issue where a default currency might not be selected when creating a new report
  • * Will no longer show time amounts for debts that have been changed from hourly to non-hourly types
  • * Larger Add blueprints window
  • * Will now immediately commit changes made to the database when archiving projects
  • * Added Accounted 3.x as a compatible syncing version in the System Syncing section
  • * Can now print the calendar view directly from the main window


Studiometry 10.0.2

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